Willis WAN, Chun Yu

About Myself

The Whole World Turns Upside-down in 10 Years, but You Turn Upside-down With It.

Spider Robinson, 1977

The quote perfectly fits the field of Information Systems and Management. I'm born in a post-smartphone generation; the Internet has become a necessity. The term 'information age' has become unfamiliar with this new generation – they don't know a time without information and social media. Businesses start to digitize their operations in the flat world, leveraging every advantage of technology. Regrettably, some companies fail to recognize the importance of IT governance, leading to a whole host of costly mistakes. Costly mistakes like leaking customers' information, insiders stealing business secrets, businesses fail to recover after a disaster due to a lack of Business Continuity Planning, …

Information Technology has profoundly changed the modern lives of ours. Neglecting the needs of proper controls and management thereof, however, would jeopardize an individual, a company, and a society.

I am a passionate and keen learner in the fields of technology, especially in the application and management of information systems in a business context. Through my secondary education, I have obtained a low-level understanding of how computers, networking devices, and programmes, work in general. In my undergraduate study, I majored in Information Systems to apprehend various managerial skills on Information Systems. I have a good understanding of how to execute system analyses and designs, audit IT functions, maintain databases, and perform data mining tasks. I also majored in Operations Management to consolidate my business knowledge, as well as to sharpen my skills in Business Analytics through statistical analyses.

My groupmates and I present our hotel management software in front of our professor and teaching assistant. (2019)

Besides my academic, I love to teach my next generation. Until 2019, I have tutored over 150 students in English and Information and Communication Technology (ICT). With my passion for teaching and educating, I aim at affecting my students to be an enthusiastic learner. Knowledge equips us to face future challenges, hence learning how to acquire them is of paramount importance.

Farewell photos with my summer course students from different years. Students' faces are blurred to respect their privacy. (2017; 2018; 2019)

With my in-depth knowledge of Information Systems and Operations Management, I'm proactively looking for chances to fully utilize my ability and explore my potential. I believe that information technology will continue to alter the way we live, and I hope I can help to direct such change in a positive direction.

Willis WAN, Chun Yu
Summer 2019