I could only imagine

Willis WAN, Chun Yu

Posted 19 July 2021





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I could only imagine.

如果你睇過我五年前嘅 DSE 成績表嘅話,你會知道我最「注目」嘅成績係中文:閱讀 2、寫作 2、綜合 3、說話 5*。每個見到嘅人都會同我講句:「Oh you lucky bas- person.」如果我說話失咗手嘅話,我就會無緣大學。但係收到成績表嘅我第一件事唔係諗說話,反而係淨低嘅三份卷。

中六嘅時候,我一直好努力幫自己去學中文。一直好厭中文嘅我買咗一堆參考書返屋企挫,甚至捉埋啲 friend 去某間公司嘅 office 到直接買。我花咗好多時間去溫中文,甚至考完嘅時候一路自我感覺良好,but something just doesn't click.

哈,結果真心換絕情。考完之後我中文老師都同我講:「嘩 Willis 你搞咩,仲諗住你至少寫作 3 綜合 4 到架嘛。」(In retrospect I guess I should be alerted when my Chinese teacher refers me by my English name?)

個種無力感、失落感我真係唔識形容。Perhaps that's why I don't deserve higher grade (!)

呢段疫情,對師生有幾難捱,I could only imagine。疫情開始嘅時候,我仲係一個 Year 4 嘅學生,但係亦有幫手係一個新嘅 Python Course 入面做 Student Helper。做學生嘅要面對 Professor 「有待改進嘅」表達技巧同科大「有待改進嘅」Wi-Fi,一個字:燥。做 Student Helper 個陣,完全感受到上堂學生嘅無奈,唯有盡幫。

I could only imagine how taunting, or even tormenting, it would be, to live a student life like this for 2 years.

And the truth is, dear graduates, every single one of you is better than me; I'd never passed my Chinese exams.

最近睇到 #snapask 同華納改編《It's OK To Be Sad》嘅MV。片尾有一句我特別同意:



So whenever you feel lost or disappointed, it's always ok to be sad.

Dear graduates, you well deserve our love and praise regardless of your result. Remember, we will always be by your side- at least I will.

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