Willis WAN, Chun Yu


2016-2020: The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Assess Unofficial Transcript
  • First Class Honors: Bachelor of Business Administration (Information Systems and Operations Management)
  • Final GGA: 3.663 / 4.30
  • Academic Awards
    2017/18 SpringDean's List
    2018/19 FallDean's List
    2018/19 SpringDean's List
    April 2019Student's Academic Excellence Award
    2019/20 FallIS Academic Achievement Award
    2019/20 WinterIS Academic Achievement Award
    2019/20 SpringIS Academic Achievement Award
  • Notable Courses
    COMP 1029C
    C Programming Bridging Course
    COMP 1029J
    Java Programming Bridging Course
    COMP 1029P
    Python Programming Bridging Course
    COMP 2711
    Discrete Mathematical Tools for Computer Science
    ISOM 3180
    Telecommunications and Computer Networking Management
    ISOM 3210
    Information System Analysis and Design
    ISOM 3230
    Business Applications Programming
    ISOM 3260
    Database Design and Administration
    ISOM 3340
    Developing AI Applications
    ISOM 3360
    Data Mining for Business Analytics
    ISOM 3400
    Python Programming for Business Analytics
    ISOM 3540
    Introduction to Probability Models
    ISOM 3710
    Management Science
    (Business Modeling and Optimization)
    ISOM 4100
    Information Systems Auditing
    ISOM 4300
    Information Systems Control and Assurance
    ISOM 4520
    Statistics for Financial Risk Management
    ISOM 4720
    Simulation in Business and Management
    ISOM 4740
    Enterprise Resource Management

2010 - 2016: King Ling College, Hong Kong (HKDSE)

  • Obtained 5* in English, Mathematics, and Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

Working Experience

Research Assistant (Part-time), HKUST

February - December 2020

  • Prepared and constructed a full-stack experiment using MSSQL & PHP for an IS research study on localization
  • Extracted and analysed experiment data

Teaching Assistant (Student Helper), HKUST

February - April 2020

  • Taught in a Python programming course designed for new business students

English Tutor (Part-time), King Ling College

August 2017 - August 2019

  • Welcomed and befriended with over 180 new entrants of the school
  • Arrange teaching schedule and material for the 15-day summer course within a month

Associations and Activities

Member, Student-Staff Liaison Committee (SSLC), Department of ISOM


  • Liaised with professors and convey students' concern regularly



Proficient in Chinese (Cantonese and Putonghua) and English

Web Development

Proficient in HTML/CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript (ES6), PHP

Experience in SCSS

Experience in Oracle SQL, MySQLi, React.js, and Express

Experience in Operating Windows Server and Linux Server (Ubuntu CLI)


Proficient in VBA; Experience in Java, and C

Data Analysis and Machine Learning

Proficient in Data Cleansing, Exploratory Data Analysis, and Data Mining using Python

  • NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib, Seaborn, StatsModels, and SciKit-Learn

Experience in Artificial Intelligence Using Python

  • TensorFlow

Experience in Data Cleansing and Exploratory Data Analysis using R

Enterprise Resource Planning

Experience in SAP

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